Bobrisky Cries On Instagram Live Then Rants About His Love For His Ex-Gateman Jacob, Shares Screenshots Of His Chats With Mc Galaxy


Bobrisky has reacted after a video of his former gateman, Jacob accusing him of owing him 6 months salary went viral on social media.
Bobrisky’s gateman, Jacob gained social media popularity after Bob constantly featured him on his Snapchat and even shared videos of them dancing.
In the viral video, Jacob accused Bobrisky of owing him salary for the 6 months he worked for him and also seized his phone.
Bobrisky shared the video on his IG page and captioned it; “God take total control”
He also took to Snapchat to show the iphone which he bought for Jacob and explained that he took it from him before he travelled to see his father and had planned to give it back to him when he returned.
He revealed that he still loves Jacob and wishes him well. Read what he wrote and watch the video below
”Dear jacob i leave you to God, I cant show my face on snap now cos have been crying so hard I promised to be your mom and dad, and take you as my blood, brother but u know what i cant take you, i wish you success in life I Have given you fame use it well, I really loved jacob and really wanted to change his life, this is so sad i miss him thou, Be Nice to other people’s Children because u dont know where your own will bem i cried cos Jacob make me remember my mum she is do nice too”

Bobriksy is still ranting on social media about his fall out with his former gateman and Mc Galaxy. He shared screenshots of his chat with MC Galaxy where he threatened to expose him in two days. He also wrote on IG;
U call urself my friend and u said U saw Jacob on d street crying wat are u suppose to do…. u are meant to cal me or drive him to my house. So he kept him in his house because dis idiots want attention badly….. your music career is zero so go and sit down. I see y davido team sometime beat up his ass dirty . But u know wat u have mess with d wrong person cos I did u good by always pushing ur dirty career for u. And u claim u are a big boy common 150k for promo u can’t pay once. Do u know how much I charge other people for promo see dis bastard because u are close pal I don’t usually charge d bastard. Even in USA I promoted ur artist song for one month without paying me not until after two month before u pay me. Yet u go dey call million for ur page fool. I never wanted to address dis issue but dis bastard was calling me to threaten me that by tommorrow he will cast me that I have been collecting money for promo but I don’t do it. Idiot I promote people song depending on who paid first. U can’t expect me to promote someone song who paid since and promote d one that just paid. I will promote everybody song according to how u pay to me. I will show u guys his threat messages.

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