‘My father knew when I was on my peri0d’ – Iyabo Ojo recalls her childhood memories


Alhough her father died some years ago, actress Iyabo Ojo shares the intimacy she had with him before death came calling.
The mother of two who recently opened her Amala restaurant in Lagos shared this  an interview with Goldmyne TV, recallinh that she was closer to her father than her mother.
My father was my friend; we only had issues when I got married because they didn’t want me to marry when I did. I started calling him dad when I was 15-year-old or so. While I was little, I called him by his nickname. The kind of family I come from we relate with each other like brothers and sisters.

It was when I got into the Yoruba movie industry I started learning that you must address someone older than you as aunty or uncle. But I believe I can still call you by name and respect you. It doesn’t mean I didn’t respect my parents then by calling them nicknames.
According to her, there was nothing she couldn’t share with her late father, even to her feminine issues and he was always ready to listen to her.
Whenever I saw my period, I would tell my dad and he would reply: ‘you just saw your peri0d? Go take care of it.’ I didn’t grow up with fear, as I could always express myself. So, I passed that over to my kids too.

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