SHOCKER! Man Stabs His Rival 3 Times To Death While Onlookers Where Busy Filming Him (Photo/Video)


A shocking video is being shared online. It shows a man stabbing to death his victim while onlookers filmed.

Someone in the video is seen making a call to report the incident and screams from onlookers can be heard in the background. The killer continued to stab the victim all over but no one makes a move to stop him.

At a point, a car drives close to the stabber and begins to blare his horn to get him to stop but the man continues stabbing. The man who made the call made an attempt to go close to the stabber but still kept a reasonable distance. Soon, a dog is heard barking in the background. The video ended immediately after police arrived.

It is doubtful that the victim will survive that much stab wounds.

Watch the shocking video here.

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