Gifty says she’s ready to date again, but she needs your suggestion on who she should date


One of Big Brother Naija’s controversial housemate, Gifty, has attempted to trend on Social Media again.

Recall, she made an attempt into Comedy, when she shared a video of herself on Instagram trying out to be funny.. The video was met with mixed reactions, with many calling out the light-skinned “actress”.

Gifty, who recently had a change in her looks, by going blonde has declared that she’s ready to date again, and she needs suggestions from her fans on who to date.

In a snapchat post, she asked for suggestions on who to date from her fans, as she desperately wants to quench that hunger of being single.

She wrote: “Morning Fam… if you are asked to suggest a man for me to date..who would that be?.. am thinking of quenching this SINGLE status of mine …”

Meanwhile, in a note she posted on Her Instagram, she revealed she might just be setting up a foundation, as seeing kids who beg on the roadside hurts her. She wrote:

It’s hurtful when i see kids by the road side hawking and begging for money when their mates are in school or in a comfortable environment ..+ it’s freaking annoying when parents don’t give their child that adequate attention they deserve.

It’s frustrating when mothers come out and rant foolishly “ehh my daughter is pregnant oo,i will kill you if you don’t tell who impregnated you and right now am taking you to him so he pays your bride price”, what if you take your child there and she gets beaten by the beast she calls a husband or her life gets threatened by that same beast to do the things she do not wish to do all because of a damned marriage she was forced into…OR your son turned into an armed robber just so he can feel special with friends or feel neglected no more and at the end of the miserable story you find out he died by police bullets in his chest.

Madam where were you when your child needed your motherly advice?Where were you when she/he needed you the most at that doesn’t matter how much you get busy but it’s about how well your child is taken care off, spare yourself from your busy daily activities and be with your child,be your child’s him/her the love that can’t be easily bought, even if you have an addictive passion for work or whatever distances you from your own children will you carry it to your grave? NO but you won’t carry your child to your grave because you took care of your blood..

And never allow your kids to hawk on streets please parents..abi parents una no get hands and legs to waka go look for jobs to feed your family…weather you are a widow or from a poor family,it still doesn’t matter cuz you brought them into this world not to suffer but to be happy so why let them suffer when you can move the mountains,why let them suffer when you have the ability to push things hard..NEVER GIVE UP..YOU CAN DO THIS. YOU BROUGHT THEM TO LIVE A SMILING LIFE AND A CRYING LIFE SO PARENTS MOVE THE MOUNTAINS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW.

PS: don’t ask me what i have done when you don’t know me,1st ask yourself if you’ve helped an ant b4.


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