Se x Story: Grace, The House Girl’s Afternoon Hot S*x Session with Her Oga (Download Video) 18+ Only


It felt like the world froze as Grace stood staring at her Oga holding her pant, she opened her mouth to talk but nothing came out.

‘So na wetin your kpata dey do for inside?’ he asked ‘Er na na er’ she stuttered.

‘You don grow finish na abi” he snickered. ‘No o’ she said nodding her head sideways.

He walked towards her and she looked down rubbing her big toes against each other, he stood in front of her looking her over, he lifted her skirt, he brought his hand and touch her pu*ssy making her shift away from his hand

‘Ah oga no’ she said

He moved closer and grabbed her a*ss squeezing hard

‘Oga madam no go happy o’ she protested

‘No dey do like say u nova do am before, no worry you go like am and I go take care of you’ he said squeezing her a*ss more.

He went over and closed the door while she stood there awkwardly staring at the floor, he came and took her by the hands and lead her to the room, he made her took off her clothes and stared at her naked full body smiling making her feel out of place.

He made her lie on the bed and went ahead to take off his clothes, his di*ck was not small but was not big either, he laid on top of her supporting his weight on his hands, he took her bo obs in his month su*cking hard on her ni pples moaning softly as he did, he reached and squeezed the other ni pple as he su*cked, he squeezed and flicked her ni pples fast with his tongue, she liked how it felt.

He alternated bo obs and continued su*cking and squeezing, he reached down and grabbed his di*ck guiding it to her we*t p*ssy.

It swallowed his whole di*ck making him grunt as he start to move, he pushed hard into her, squeezing her bo obs, he made her spread her legs wider lifting it slightly, he pushed in deeper hitting her cl*it as he went in and out, he started to move in faster grunted and shot load and loads of cu*m inside her, he rolled over breathing hard.

Grace couldn’t believe it was over so soon especially when it just started to feel good, she sat up and moved down, took his di*ck in her mouth and su*cked, he opened his eyes in surprise and closed them back in pleasure as his di*ck started to get hard again.

‘GGGGGGraceeeee!’ He moaned making her smile

She kept going taking him in deeper, when she was satisfied with how hard he was she straddled him, she leaned down to kiss him as she started to move slowly, she swirled her hips loving how loudly he was moaning, she brought her hands to his chest as she sat up and started to move up and down slowly first then fast, she bounced faster on his di*ck loving how deep it goes

‘Ah! Yes! Yes! Yes!’ she moaned

He reached around and grabbed her a*ss meeting her movement with his thrust, he used one hand to grab one of her bouncing bo obs and squeezed her ni pples, she moved even faster and erratically, he held on to her a*ss as he came again shooting warm cu*m up deep inside her p*ssy.

She kept moving up and down erratically grabbing her bo obs and squeezing, she came coating his di*ck in her cum juices, she stayed like that as it dripped down his di*ck, she climbed down and laid beside him. They laid in silence till he stood up and wore his clothes, he took out #500 and dropped it besides her and left, she reached for it and smiled to herself, she closed her eyes and slept.

She woke up and freaked out realizing the kids would be back soon, she quickly took her bath, peeled yam and boiled it.

She sat down waiting for the children to return from school, she let her mind wander to her Oga, she felt a little bit of guilt but the tingle she felt in her pu*ssy soon washed over the guilt, she went to sit outside as the heat inside the room was getting unbearable as she got to the door she saw Papa Doris entering his room with one fair looking woman.

She figured it’s probably a visitor he had but after sitting outside she started hearing muffled noise, she went closer to the window and ducked behind a drum. She could hear the sounds clearly now, it was the lady moaning out

‘Oh Yes! F*ck me harder! Oh yes!’ the lady kept moaning.

It sounded like she was getting it good as she could also hear the slap sounds their skin made, she was getting we*t down below, they kept at it for a very long time, she knew she just had to get what the fair lady was getting and she knew just how to, since the corper incident she knows how effective blackmail can be.


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