#BBNaija: Bisola gave TTT a Bl0w-job after the Party? (Watch Video)


So, it’s no news the party was beyond lit! and We saw some footage and pictures of TTT and Bisola kissing, smooching, rocking themselves during their pre-eviction party tonight!
Trust that after the party and booze, the housemates will be feeling some type of way! …and here we have it. TTT and Bisola went under the sheets..




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All that making out was bound to lead to something. Bisola & TTT are getting busy under the covers.  http://bit.ly/BBNaija 
The video seems like “Bisola” bending down to suck TTT’s cassava…. See for yourself… their mic was still on, so, you’d have to listen closely. Very closely. See the video below:
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TTT said it will happen tonight and of I’m here by Monday it will happen every night 🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼. Bisola he is married ooo. 
After the bedroom, they both continued to heat things up in the Jacuzzi.
Some reactions:

We just witnessed the cannibalism of Bisola tonight according to my MFM G.O. 

What did I just watch?
Did Bisola just give TTT a blow job? 😮

I heard bisola is sharing head in the bba house

Bisola just sucked dick and prolly guzzled nut.
Deal with it.

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Bisola má like Lollipop 🍭 gaan

Bisola thank you for relieving TTT, he come dey talk sense now. Power of a good blowjob  @BBNaija

Biggie suppose give Bisola Automatic Head of House on Monday… Head mistress…!!!  🙇 

Hope bisola has brushed her teeth not after suckng ttt ‘s 🍆🍆

Bisola was giving TTT head….this night it’s going down for both of em🍆🍆..

What is bisola giving ttt head ? She don fuck up full

 the fact that Bisola just gave TTT head doesn’t make her bad gal cos we don’t know how long she could keep up without sex

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