SHOCKER: 2 Senior Catholic Priest Fight Dirty Over Church Offering, Exposes One Another’s Secret Concubines Before Bishop


In what could be better described as the senior sacrilege in the Catholic Communion has allegedly taken place at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church,  Umunya,  Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra state where the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Clement Aghadinunon and the resident priest,  Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu allegedly fought dirty against their oath of celibacy.
 The ugly development has resulted to serious cracks between the worshippers of the Catholic Church and that of the faithful of Communio Sanctorum of the Catholic Prayer Ministry International belonging to Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu even as the investigation has proved that both the Catholic Church and the prayer ministry are under the full supervision of the Archdiocese of Onitsha.
However, God in His infinite mercies, according to reports,  had on the last Sunday of August, 2016, saved what could have been bloody church service at the said Church premises,  Umunya when the Parish Priest and the resident priest allegedly entertained both the church faithful and passersby with fiscal fight even before the Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha Archdiocese,  His Lordship,  Most Rev. Bishop Dennis Isizor.
 The alleged sacrilege, according sources,  started immediately after the church service when the Auxiliary Bishop who worshiped in the church on the faithful Sunday had allegedly summoned the accused warring Catholic clerics to ascertain what might have been behind their aged long animosity that has refused to be resolved among them.
The parish priest allegedly opened up and told the visiting Auxiliary Bishop that the church, after housing the prayer ministry for many years now  was yet to benefit from the financial proceeds made from the Catholic prayer ministry under Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu.
It was gathered that the prayer ministry director is fingered to have been using one Mrs. Chinedu, (the wife of the younger brother to Rev. Fr. Umeogu) to divert all the offerings,  sowing of seeds money as well as other monies made in the prayer ministry through its independent programmes and activities.
On kickstarting the meeting with Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha Archdiocese, His Lordship, Most Rev Bishop Dennis Isizor on the faithful Sunday,  Rev. Fr. Aghadinuno, it was gathered,  took time to table before their august visitor in the month of August that he is only a ceremonially parish  priest why Very Rev. Fr. (Prof) Bonachristus Umeogu is indirectly in charge of St.Thereasa’s Catholic Church.
The parish priest,  according to insider source had lamented that he has lost total control of the members of the church,  including the proceeds therein, therefore allegedly urging the Auxiliary Bishop to do what was expected of him.
Rev. Fr. Aghadiuno was quoted to had reminded the Auxiliary Bishop that he had brought the matter before his office at the Basilica of the Holy Trinity,  Onitsha where the Bishop had allegedly directed the parish priest not to allow his junior in the faith to take over the flock handed over to him to shepherd.
“Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umego’s temperament was  let lose when he was accused by our parish priest that Mrs. Chinedu, (his younger brother’s wife) is the solo wife of Fr. Bonachristus. In replying to this,  Rev. Fr. Umeogu therein exposed the negative lifestyle of our parish priest,  particularly on how he has been going with ladies and married women in our parish. It was at that point that both of them burst in an open confrontation, which later turned into fiscal fight”.
One of the parishioners stated.
Speaking on the ugly development,  another parishioner who never wanted to be mentioned said; “as the quell which metamorphosedd into fiscal combat where the two priests  tore their garments, leaving each with inner wears lasted,  majority of the members of the church were on the side of Rev. Fr. Umeogu while only few supported our parish priest.
“While the fight lasted, the governor of Anambra state,  Dr. Willie Obiano was alerted on phone and in turn,  he also alerted the Bishop of the Onitsha Archdiocese. At the end of the fight, the Auxiliary Bishop directed our parish priest to invite police to arrest the prayer ministry director,  Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu for having challenged his superior”. Our impeccable source stated.
It was authoritatively gathered that before the sacrilege news filtered into the ears of the Catholic Archbishop of Onitsha,  His Grace,  Most Rev. Dr. Valerian Okeke through the governor of the state, the Auxiliary Bishop has allegedly suspended the two warring clerics.
When reporters visited the church premises yesterday,  it was observed that the left over of some of the damaged property of the church and that of the prayer ministry were still littering at the premises of St. Threasa’s Catholic Church,  Umunya.
At the site of the Communio Sanctorum of the Catholic Prayer Ministry International located towards the road leading to Oye-Olisa,  Ogbunike when visited, aimed at getting the side of Rev. Fr. Umeogu,  it was discovered that he was not on seat and all calls made across to his GSM line kept repeating,  ‘the number you dial is completely switched off”.
Efforts made to reach the embattled parish priest while in the church yesterday hit on the wall but the Vice Chairman, Parish Council of St. Therasea’s Catholic Church,  Umunya, Chief Clement Odinyi dismissed the story, stating that it is not only unfounded but the handiwork of those who never wished the church of Christ well.
The Parishoners’s Vice Chairman who was anchored by the one time chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists,  Anambra State Council (names withheld) however pleaded with reporters not to publish the story on the ground that, the story if published is going to lead many children of God astray.
Sweeping the defence to the Vice Chairman into thel  waste bin of the Catholic Church,  a man who claimed he is very close with Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu, staged journalists at the prayer ministry’ s site,  alleging that the parish council is owing Rev. Fr. Umeogu a salary of over three years now, wondering why the parish council should develop such hatred on the man he claimed to have changed the face of St. Threasea’s Catholic Church Umunya positively.
We are going to keep you posted hence we establish link with the already alleged suspended Reverend Fathers

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