Horror! 22-Year Old Lady Beheaded On First Date After Meeting Man Online (Graphic Photo)



A young woman seeking love online was ‘beheaded’ after going on a first date with a stranger.

Kristina Medvedeva, who used dating websites, was found dead beside a lake on the outskirts of Ekaterinburg in Russia.

The 22-year-old’s body was discovered in a mutilated state, with her head almost entirely severed, police said.The macabre find was made three days after Kristina was last seen and last online.

The shop assistant, who lived in the city, had moved from her provincial Talitsa in search of love and a new life. She was known to be active on at least one dating website, and described her relationship status as ‘actively searching’ on social media.

However, police have not said whether they have been able to track the man Kristina was with on the day of her death from her Internet history. Officers said there was no evidence that she had been raped. She is known to have gone on a first date with a stranger on July 24, the day she was killed.


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